From Le 2 formiche several excursions of different length and difficulty are possible. With comfortable trekking shoes, it is possible to walk on old paths among beautiful woods that lead to very scenic localities. Elena (the owner) is an experienced nature guide (she is also an official guide of the Val Grande National Park) and will be happy to provide maps and indications. 

The Area Natura della Bassa Val Grande of the Val Grande National Park is full of historic and naturalistic peculiarities to be discovered through several paths with information boards and displays.

In the village of Cossogno is also Aquamondo, the Water Museum of the Val Grande National Park. 

For whoever loves to dive in the fresh waters of mountain torrents, Le 2 formiche is the right place. At less than 10 minutes walk is the San Bernardino torrent which, very close to Cossogno, offers a very picturesque and evocative setting.